Alphastudy- medical compliance and training

Alphastudy had its humble beginnings in a bedroom on Sydney's suburbs. Within 6 months, we were running from a large data centre with major clients in the US, Japan and Australia. Alphastudy started out as a simple online platform for users to set up training and learning sites.

On June 24th, 2011 a private technology company acquired Alphastudy for an undisclosed sum. In a confidential acquisition the technology company will use the individual Alphastudy technology features and implementation technology in several new projects. Throughout its lifetime, Alphastudy supported major academic departments and small training businesses.

Alphastudy would like to use this opportunity to thank all of its customers and loyal fans!

NSW Health Award News- Alphastudy

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Alphastudy NSW Health Award Award 2010 Winner

Alphastudy within the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital NSW

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Alphastudy founder David Dinh.